About bathroom furniture and sinks

Ever since mankind started dedicating a space for bathing inside the dwelling, it has been a requirement to be able to store necessities for bathing in this special room. This has evolved from a primitive closet into a range of furniture for the bathroom, that not only provides space for storage, but also is a delight to the eye. The first bathroom sinks were quickly replaced by more permanent solutions too.

New materials have made it possible to get beautiful furniture and sinks that fit into a modern bathroom and that can withstand an environment that can be quite humid at times.

A piece of furniture in the bathroom must be able to withstand a little of everything. Daily use can be tough on things, so Nordkap Living’s furniture is made of solid, durable materials, designed to endure the changing conditions in a bathroom.

Cabinets are mostly made of MDF-boards and treated to reduce the risk of the product getting scratched or damaged by water splashes and steam. When it is not possible to use MDF boards, waterproof plywood is used.

Furniture is supplied either with a high-gloss surface or with a matt surface which in some cases may have a weak wooden structure.

High-gloss surfaces are lacquered with up to seven layers to provide a strong and durable surface, that can withstand ordinary cleaning for years.


MDF stands for “Medium Density Fibreboard” and is made of wood fibres embedded in a binder (acrylic) under very high pressure. The resulting material is easy to shape and can be used in many different ways.


Plywood consists of thin layers of wood (veneer) that are glued together so the veins in each layer lie across each other in the adjacent layers. Plywood boards are relatively easy to bend without creating weak spots.


1: Mirror 2: LED-lights 3: Table top with built-in sink 4: Cabinet

The furniture is delivered pre-assembled in units ready to set up. The assembly is done at the factory according to all guide lines from the manufacturer and ensures that the cabinet is always stable and strong.

Table tops and sink units

Table tops and sink units are made of a Solid Surface (see below). The sink is either integrated with the table top or under-glued.

When the sink is a separate unit, it is mounted on the cabinet with strong double sided adhesive tape.

Mixer taps and drains

The mixer tap is not included in the price. Nordkap Living sells a large selection of luminaires that fits the cabinet you choose to buy.

A bottom plug set is not always included. Look at the individual furniture’s product sheet.

Where the bottom plug set is included, it is made of chrome-coated metal.

Soft closing

Our drawers are all equipped with the Soft Close-system, which ensures a soft and comfortable closing of the drawer. Deep drawers ensure plenty of storage space.


Most of Nordkap Living’s furniture comes with a mirror. The mirror has an integrated LED light. The lights are not intended to light up the room on its own, but as fill-in lights that illuminate your face only.

LED lights may initially have a yellowish glove. It might take a few hours for the lights to get the color they normally have.

LED mirrors can also be equipped with an anti-fog heater.

Sinks come in a wide range og variations, including freestanding pedestal sinks

Our range of sinks includes natural stone sinks and Solid Surface sinks. The sink is either free-standing, intended to be mounted on the wall, a table top, or integrated with a table top that is part of a piece of furniture. A third option is the pedestal sink or column sink, which are a free-standing sinks.

Solid Surface

Most sinks are made of a composite material, often called Solid Surface, but it is also known by other names.

The material consists of powdered stone (usually bauxite), which is pressed into a mold with a binding agent.

Solid Surface provides many different ways to shape it. It can be cast in a mold, glued, or welded together and gives the designer a wide range of options, which are difficult to achieve with other materials.

At the same time, the user gets a product with a surface that is easy to clean and where small scratches can be polished away without major problems. The surface of the product is treated in a way that makes the material resemble natural stone or ceramics.

Products cast in a mold are free from joints that can collect dirt – this prevents the product from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. This is why Solid Surface is generally more hygienic than natural stone.

Natural stone

Some of the sinks are carved in natural stone. This gives a slightly rawer look; as natural stone is not a homogeneous material. The color of the surface is also dictated by the material. Natural stone is usually a lot heavier than sinks made of Solid Surface. Natural stone also provides stronger shapes.

Mix and match taps and bottom plugs

As a rule of thumb, our wash basins are delivered without a tap and without a bottom plug set too. Both taps and bottom plug sets are sold separately. This gives you the opportunity to find exactly the tap and plug set that you desire.

Table tops with integrated sinks are usually part of a piece of bathroom furniture, while other sinks and pedestal sinks are sold as independent items.

Some of the pedestal sinks are related a stone bath tub regarding design. However, sinks and bathtubs are sold as separate units.

Nordkap Living offer a wide range of accessories for setting up your furniture and sink.

It is important to choose the right wall plugs and screws in relation to the wall on which the furniture or sink is to be hung. This is why neither plugs nor screws are included in Nordkap Living’s product – we advise you to consult a construction market instead. Sealing materials are more universal and together with valves and drain pipes/hoses, they form part of our assortment These different parts have standard dimensions.

The furniture is lacquered and can be cleaned with ordinary cleaning products. Avoid using hard brushes or abrasives.

Sinks made of natural stone should undergo regular mainteanance

Natural stone is porous. This means liquids can penetrate the material and leave stains that are difficult or impossible to remove. Natural stone must not be cleaned with corrosive agents. Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth. In the case of marble, keep in mind that acidic, alkaline materials and alcohol in food and beverages can cause stains or make surfaces more rough.

The natural stone sinks are surface-treated with a water-repellent seal. This treatment makes it more difficult for liquids to penetrate the surface. However, this protection is not one hundred percent protection and natural stone requires more care than other materials.

Wipe away liquids immediately and keep the surface dust-free and clean of soap residue, lime and salts. Wipe the sink after use to prevent limescale formation created by evaporating water on the surface. NEVER use a descaler.

The use of abrasives and hard brushes is not recommended. Gravel and sand can scratch the surface, minor scratches and other damage to the surface can make the stone more porous, and thus more susceptible to stains.

If the surface has been damaged, a professional repairer might be able to fix the surface with a sealer.

Washes made of Solid Surface has a smooth and closed surface, which makes them easier to keep clean. The surface, like with natural stone, can be susceptible to effects of acids etc. Wipe away spilled liquids immediately. Liquids will, however, not penetrate the surface if undamaged.

Small scratches can be polished away and major damage can in some cases be repaired by a professional.

Upon receiving your order, it is always important to check whether the packaging has suffered any damage that may compromise the product inside. If you see that the packaging or pallet has been damaged it is a good idea to photograph the damage.

Sign the delivery receipt as normal but report back to Nordkap Living immediately so that the carrier can be held liable for damage caused during transport. Remember that if you sign without commenting, you are liable for transport damage.

Stone or Solid Surfaces can crack. If something has been placed on top of the pallet with the item, the pressure from the load can cause damage to the product. Shocks and blows can also result in damage to both furniture and sinks, so check carefully before signing for your delivery.

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