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Armatures have many different looks and shapes

The time is long gone when water had to be retrieved in a bucket or had to be pumped into the house. Modern houses have water pipes with cold and hot water and there is hardly an inhabited house in the western world where the only water source is a well or a pump anymore.

Water pipes mean taps, and the combination of cold and hot water means mixers. In addition, all kinds of showers and similar appliances get water from water pipes.

Thus, we are into the concept of luminaires. Luminaires have a functional side – to shut/activate the water flow – but to a large extent also an aesthetic side. Beside their obvious function, luminaires should look good. The aesthetic level must be connected to the desired expression of the whole interior, which makes it logical for luminaires to be sold separately. This way you can assemble furniture, cabins, screens and the like with greater freedom and complete the overall design by adding the luminaire at the end.

Luminaires and approvals

Earlier, taps, fittings etc. sold on the Danish market had to be VA-approved. This scheme, however, has been changed a few times in recent years.

The VA-label

VA covers water and drainage installations. The approval was intended to protect the costumer by making sure the product complied with health and safety regulations. The test examines the lead and cadmium emissions, and the tap must comply with the Nordic rules in this area, presented by the Nordic Committee for Building Regulations. The total amount of dissolved cadmium must not exceed 2 µg (micrograms) and the total amount of dissolved lead must not exceed 20 grams.

The Drop Label – the text reads “Approved for Drinking Water”

In 2013 the “Drop Label” was introduced to replace the VA-scheme. Since April 1st 2014 it has not been allowed to use the VA-label. Products that require an approval, and that have received the VA-approval before that date, still have a VA-approval number. However, they must also be labelled with the Drop Label.

The VA-approval and the new Drop Label must appear on the product’s packaging. Other documentation may be required, e.g. that it is stated on the receipt that the purchase is an approved product. The product itself must be provided with an indestructible manufacturing mark which ensures that the product can be identified at any time.

Goods, that are covered by the requirement for approval, are all goods that are part of a fixed drinking water installation. This means that water pipes, hoses, and taps etc. must be approved. The non-fixed parts of drinking water installations do NOT need an approval. This group includes water pipes, hoses and the like connecting cold water systems to appliances. Shower fittings, shower heads and associated hoses, as well as taps and more used exclusively for garden irrigation, re not required to have a Drop Label.

Bathtub armatures
Bathtubs er sold either with or without armatures

Not all bathtubs have integrated fittings. This is why Nordkap Living offers luminaires intended for use with a bathtub. These are available in two versions: luminaires for wall mounting and luminaires for floor mounting.

A free-standing bathtub can be placed more freely if the luminaire is mounted on the floor. Of course, this requires that both water pipes and drains have been taken into account. The dimensions of wall-based luminaires have to allow the water – even in a thin jet or dripping – to fall into the bathtub, and not on the edge or even worse next to the tub.

The free-standing luminaires from Nordkap Living have an integrated hand shower, while the wall-mounted luminaires are connected to a shower hose with a hand shower, which is purchased separately.

Bathroom armatures
Armatures for bathrooms comes in various sizes and shapes

There are many different kinds of armature for the bathroom. You can find something regardless of taste and preferences.

Most luminaires come with a standard bottom plug set. However, this does not guarantee that it is precisely the type of bottom plug that is suitable for the chosen sink. This is why Nordkap Living sells bottom plug sets both with the purchase of a sink AND separately.

All of our luminaires are sold with a 5- or 10-year drip guarantee. Nordkap Living’s 3-year product warranty also applies.

Kitchen armatures
Kitchen armatures are usually taller than bathroom armatures

Nordkap Living also has a limited number of kitchen mixers. Of course these can also be used in the bathroom, but with their tall design they are best suited for the kitchen, where fixtures have to allow a number of various uses.

The kitchen mixers also come with a 5- or 10-year drip guarantee and have the same high quality as the bathroom armatures.

Thermostat fixtures
A thermostat armature allows you to regulate the temperature of the water

Thermostat luminaires control the temperature of the water, so you can regulate it manually during the bath.

The luminaires are combined with separately sold shower hoses, heads and/or shower bar sets.

Nordkap Living’s popular ART-shower enclosures come with a standard mixer tap – a thermostat luminaire could be used to replace the standard mixer, making the cabin more luxurious and easy to use.

Shower bar sets
A shower bar set is an accessory to the armature

Shower bar sets are not luminaires, but accessories for thermostat luminaires, wall-mounted bathtub luminaires and more.

The sets consist of a rod that is screwed to the wall as well as a hose and shower head.

The shower head has several functions that are selected by turning the plate with the nozzles. The shower head is equipped with anti-lime nozzles that make it easy to remove limescale deposits.

The sets are with chrome-plating or brushed steel. Nordkap Living also sells shower heads in various sizes.

Shower luminaires
Shower fittings are complete units

Unlike the shower bar set, a shower fitting is a complete unit. Nordkap Living sells shower fittings for wall mounting and for embedding in the wall.

Most sets have both a top shower and a hand shower with several functions and are available with or without a thermostat.

Shower columns have a body of metal or acrylic and are equipped with nozzles for back massage.

Top showers
Top showers can produce “tropical rain”

Top showers with “tropical rain-effects” and anti-lime nozzles are available with both round and square designs in brushed steel.

The shower heads have a standard thread and can be used to replace an old shower head or as an alternative solution in one of the shower fittings.

Top showers are available in two sizes.


Chrome-plated luminaires or brushed steel products: Should be wiped daily with a damp cloth and re-dried with a dry soft cloth. Use only non-abrasive and non-chlorinated cleaning agents. Also, never use abrasive sponges or similar materials.

Colored surfaces: Luminaires with colored surfaces should be wiped daily with a damp cloth and then wiped with a dry soft cloth. Cleaning should be done using non-chemical products. Never use abrasive sponges or similar materials.

Air mixers: Air mixing nozzles should be cleaned and inspected once a year or as needed. IN the event of calcification, clean with vinegar or lemon or replace the nozzles.

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