19 years of experience in leisure and wellness products  

The company has existed since 2001, when it was established in Denmark. The company sell to private and business customers from spas for indoor and outdoor use, as well as equipment for the bathroom and a long range of wellness products.

One-stop solution to your needs

The office staff is ready at the phones, ready to advise and advise on our products. For more technical investigations, they have a team of technicians in the back who can assist professionals around our products in no time.

Should you require guidance or advice for products that are not in our range, but which are similar, we can do this too. 

Delivery guarantee 

We have a local warehouse in Malaga located a few minutes away from the store. This is your guarantee for a safe delivery – We also have over 10000+ square meters of warehouse in Denmark and 4 stores. 

Our promise

Large spare part stock

Our 400 m2 spare parts warehouse ensures that even discontinued models can be repaired for a long time to come.

We have high quality requirements for both functionality and materials, right down to each component. This makes the Nordkap Living your safe choice, every time.