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Convert your sauna into a Steam

Effective steam generators

From Harvia and our own brand, NordKap™

Powerful combination heaters

Allow you to switch between Finnish sauna and Steam

Safe electronics

Moisture resistant cables made of silicone and stylish touch panels


Accessories for Steam

NordKap Steam generator 12 kW


Accessories for Steam

Sauna herbs


Accessories for Steam

Steam generator model Helix


Accessories for Steam

5 x 2,5 silicon cable


Turn your Finnish sauna in to a Steam

NordKap Living™ do not sell prefabricated Steams. Bu we do have all the components you need to create a delightful Steam at home!

Steam generators

Many sauna users love to splash a bit of water on the heated stones to create steam in the cabin. If you want a real Steam, it is not enough to use a bit of water though.

Our effective steam generators come from the honored Finnish manufacturer of saunas, Harvia, and our own brand, NordKap™.

The generators create just the right amount of steam to create a wonderful Steam. You can even add special fragrances to make the experience even more sensual. We recommend using our scent pump in combination with the fragrances.

We have steam generators for the tiny cabins of 2-4 m³, the far bigger cabins of up to 23 m³ and everything in between.

Combination heaters - for dry and wet saunas

If you do not want to have just a dry sauna or a Steam, our combination heaters are the right choice for you.

Finnish Harvia has spent decades developing and producing sauna equipment of the highest quality, and their combination heaters are no exception.

With a Harvia Combinator you can switch between the dry heat from the sauna stones and the built-in steam generator for a different experience.

Available in two sizes: 6 kW for cabins of 5-7 m³ and 8 kW for cabins of 7-12 m³.

Control panels

The controls of a combination heater or steam generator should be both stylish and reliable.

All of our steam generators have controls included in the price, but our combination heaters require an external control panel.

Safety first - especially for electronics

A Steam places great demands on the structure and materials of the cabin.

NordKap Living™ have 20 years of experience with both dry saunas and Steams from the Scandinavian market, so we know what you need.

This is why we have hardy and safe silicone cables and lots of other accessories for your Steam.

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