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Wide range of accessories for your swim spa

Economical and eco-friendly heat

A Heat pump can lower the energy consumption by up to 35 %

Automatic checks of the water quality

Let electronic keep track of the waters hygiene and chemical content

Treat you ears

A stereo adds an extra dimension of relaxation to the spa

Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Blu Fusion Bromine generator


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Blue Connect calibration kit


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Blue Connect Go


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Blue Connect Plus Gold


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Blue Fit50 kit for Blue Connect

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Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Filter cleaner for filter


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Heat pump 11 kW with Wifi


Accessories for swim spa

Pavilions | Stainless steel


Accessories for swim spa

Roller cover for swim spa


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Side tray for outdoor spa


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

SMART NEXT Saltwater system


Accessories for swim spa

Staircase for swimspa


Accessories for swim spa

Staircase for swimspa (4 steps)


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Handrail for outdoor spa


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

MicroSilk® Hydroterapi


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Wifi module for Balboa control


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Pool & Spa Inverter Pro Heater 13,5 kW


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Pool mesh bag


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Surface skimmer with telescopic rod


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Surface Skim Nets


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Staircase for spa, Grey color


Spice up your swim spa

A dip in the spa is an incredible feeling to begin with. But with a few upgrades, you can turn the use of the spa in to an absolute dream.

Whether you want extra xomfort, have a machine keep track of the water quality or maybe add some music to your spa, NordKap Living™ has what you desire.

Clean water - quickly

The surface of the water in a swim spa is very large. This makes it near impossible to keep out leaves and foreign elements.

With the practical telescopic equipment from NordKap Living™, you can get rid of possible precipitation in the water quick and easy. Of course you will have to add a skimmer net to the equipment to collect the foreign elements.

And if you add some stairs, it will be even easier for you to reach all of the water surface.

Keep track of the water without lifting a finger

The hygiene of the water in the spa is crucial for having a nice and healthy time. This makes it very important to check the chemicals and general values of the water regularly.

Now, NordKap Living™ makes it possible for you to keep track of your water quality quick and easy.

We have both a digital chlorine- and pH-meter and a fully automatic sensor (Blue Connect Go and Blue Connect Plus Gold), that checks the water daily and notify you in an app on your phone or tablet.

Eco-friendly heating

A swim spa needs to be heated, and of course we have installed heaters in all of oure swim spas. But actually there is a more eco-friendly and cheaper way of heating the water!

A heat pump may look a bit unhandy, but it can reduce the energy consumption from heating by up to 35 percent.

Our professional advisors are ready to guide you to the heat pump best suited for your needs.

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