100% pure acrylic:

Your guarantee of the product's color authenticity

Integrated overflow:

For an overflow bath, it is designed in a discreet and minimalist design

Adjustable legs:

The tubs are well supported with many adjustable legs and plenty of space for drains

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Acrylic bathtubs

Bathtub Dragør matte


Freestanding bathtubs - an expression that makes an impression

Spread out your arms, close your eyes and give in to the wonderful feeling of the hot water.

A freestanding bathtub gives you a sculptural experience the moment, you step into the bathroom. Additionally, you get a sense of calm, when you are sitting in a tub in the middle of the floor.

At NordKap Living™, we have a wide range of freestanding bathtubs in various designs and materials.

Sanitary acrylic for easier cleaning

Sanitray acrylic is a type of plastic that is often used for bathtubs. It is malleable, durable and more importantly stable.

Contrary to cheaper types of plastic like "APS" and the likes, sanitary acrylic does not turn yellowish over time.

Additionally, cheaper materials are harder to clean. For sanitary acrylic, you only need af damp cloth and perhaps a small amount of detergent.

Revolutionary matte finish

Until now, bathtubs made out of sanitary acrylic were only available with a shiny surface.

As the only dealer on the market, NordKap Living™ is now able to offer bathtubs in sanitary acrylic with a matte white finish.

With these unique and beautiful slimline bathtubs in sanitary acrylic, you get the same stylish and soft expression as with a bathtub made of our exclusive composite, RockSolid - and the weight is reduced by at least 75 percent.

Freestanding bathtubs from NordKap™

NordKap Living™ produce and import bathtubs straight from our own brand, NordKap™.

We have sky high demands for our products, making the benefits of purchasing a bathtub from NordKap Living™ very clear.

Adjustable legs

Bathtubs from NordKap™ have a number of adjustable supporting legs and plenty of space for the drain under the tub. Yan can adjust the legs to make the bathtub level on uneven floors and, this way, counteract an incline in the floor.


We make the drain out of solid brass and cover all the visible parts in chrome. Opposite to chrome covered plastic, brass has a far longer service time and a more solid look.

Drain cup

We fit the drain cup loosly during shipping. You have to fit and tighten the drain cup upon reception to make sure the hose gets the correct direction in relation to the floor drain.

3-year warranty and service

NordKap Living™ gives you 3 years of warranty and service on all purchases. Our professional advisors and own service team are ready to help you if needed.

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