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Natures own design

The forces of nature have given the basins unique and varying patterns

Hardy and elegant

Beautiful designs combined with durable and solid materials

3 years of warranty

NordKap Living™ offers a 3-year warranty on all orders – your safety post-purchase


Elegant washing basins in natural stone

Natural stone is a thing of its own. It is incredibly durable, has a more "raw" look than most other materials - and it is the forces of nature that give the stone its colors and pattern.

NordKap Living™ offer a small selection of washing basins in natural stone. Some are ment to be fitted on a bathroom furniture, others are stand-along pedestal basins. Common to them all is, we produce and treat them with extreme care and professionalism.

Natural variations

Because it is nature itself that develop the colors and patterns, the look of the basins vary. Not only from model to model, but between identically designed basins as well. For this reason, it might be a good idea to look at multiple copies before you choose.

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