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Extra spacious bathroom furnitures

Large bathroom furnitures

With extra width and extra storage space

Integrated sink

Tabletops and washing basins made out of porcelain, either one or two basins

Soft Lock

Avoid loud slamming and wear and tear with the Soft Close system from Blum


Extra large bathroom furnitures

Are you short on storage space for all of your bathroom products? Do you fight over the control of the sink every morning and evening?

No matter the issue, an extra large bathroom furniture from NordKap Living™ will solve it.

Solid materials

We make our bathroom furniture out of MDF boards by standard. MDF is short for "Medium Density Fiberboard" and is made of wodden fibres and acrylic as a binding agent.

If for practical reasons, we cannot make the cabinet out of MDF boards, we use water resistant plywood instead.

Built-in tabletop with wash basin(s)

The built-in tabletop is made out of porcelain and comes with one or two sinks dependent on model.

Soft Close-system

Is there anything worse than loud drawers and cupboard doors, that slams shut with a huge bang? With the Soft Close-system from Blum, you never have to endure that noise again!

Additionally, Soft Close prolongs the longivity of the bathroom furniture, as the closing mechanism do not induce wear and tear on the materials.

Delivered pre-assembled

We ship all of our cabinets pre-assembled ready for mounting. We do not pre-adjust them, though.

Remember to by an armature for bathroom furniture as well. NordKap Living™ has a wide range of both water taps and bottom valves suitable for precisly your bathroom furniture.

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