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Numerous sizes

From the tiny to the huge

Technological innovation

Optional built-in LED-lights and anti-fog

Hidden fittings for suspension

Can be mounted with strong glue or our specially developed, hidden fittings


Bathroom classic mirrors

Classic Crystal mirror 200 x 90 cm


Bathroom classic mirrors

Classic Crystal mirror 150 x 90 cm


Bathroom classic mirrors

Classic Crystal mirror 120 x 90 cm


Bathroom classic mirrors

Classic crystal mirror 80 x 60 cm


Bathroom classic mirrors

Classic crystal mirrors


Mirror, mirror on the wall ...

A mirror can change the entire expression of a room as if by magic. Bare and bland walls in a small room can be made lively and give the impression of a far bigger room.

NordKap Living™ has many years of experience regarding glass and mirrors. That is why you will find a huge selection of top class mirrors in our selection.

We have all tried to have poor lighting when trying to put on make up or get ugly stripes on the mirror after wiping off the fog. Our built-in LED-lights and anti-fog system make these issues a thing of the past!

Polished edges

We make our mirrors of strong, tempered glass with a crystal clear image. On top of that, we polish he edges of the glass with a 2 mm facet grinding, giving the mirrors a beautiful and elegant look, no matter what model.

Easy and discreet 

There is nothing more destructive to the decor than ugly fittings. That is why our mirrors can be hung using either acid-proof glue or with our hidden fittings.

LED-lights and anti-fog

You might want to have a look at our mirrors with built-in LED-lights or anti-fog technology.

Mirrors with built-in lights have either one or two powerful LED-lights. This gives you a perfect and clear light for both shaving and putting on make up. You turn the lights on and off with a discreet touch button that lights up in the dark.

The anti-fog technologi consists of heaters built into the mirror. By turning them on, you can get rid of annoying fog on the glass in less than 30 seconds without leaving any marks from wiping. The heaters are also turned on and off with an elegant touch button.

Order online - get the delivery right to the front door

Ypu can choose to have your items shipped directly to your front door or pic up your items yourself.

NordKap Living™ has all of our products in stock at our showroom i Mijas in Malaga.

We usually ship orders within a couple of week days. You can always contact us about the expected time of delivery of a given item, if you need a specific date.

Feel free to get in touch with us by phone +34 683 427 904 or by e-mail

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