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Space saving and elegant corner spas

Utilize every centimeter of space in the bathroom. A corner spa gives you world class luxury and wellness and can be placed where it is difficult to properly fill out the leftover space.

Quiet spas

Spas with water massage makes up to 80 per cent less noise than spas with air-based massage

Safe electronics

Pneumatic controls that keep water and electronics seperate

Sturdy stand

Supports the spa in numerous spots and provides a stable and safe mounting of the front display

Corner spas

Indoor Spa Freedom


Corner spas

Indoor spa Breeze


Corner spas

Indoor spa Fantasy


Corner spas

Indoor spa Unique


Corner spas

Indoor spa Uno 130


Corner spas

Indoor spa Classic


Corner spas

Indoor spa Deco


Corner spas from NordKap™

We have 20 years of experience with spas, and this is why all of our corner spas come from our own brand, NordKap™.

All expensive intermediaries have been removed, so we can keep the prices down, without compromising the quality of the final product.

Components and materials are provided from the worlds leading manufacturers. Simultaneously, design and quality have been developed in order to meet the high standards, we have in Scandinavia.

Pneumatic controls

Pneumatic controls, without any direct electrical contact between the controls and the pumps, replaces the fragile "Easy Touch" panels.

The pneumatic system is durable and easy to maintin.

Water massage

Water weighs more than air and is therefore better suited for massage. The water is pumped through the system and is heated before it is sent out through the nozzles. If the massage is air-based, it will cool down the water - this does not happen with water massage.

Less noise

The water pump runs with far less evolutions than an air pump. This results in up to 80 percent less noise than an air pump, which is especially important to get a nice, relaxing experience.


The water massage allows you to thorougly clean the pipes. You simply add Spa Cleaner to the water after the bath. All the pipes are then rinsed and cleaned. Let the pump run for a bit after the tub has been drained to allow the pipes to get drained as well.


Robust and reliable heaters make sure ypur spa will work for years and years.

The size of the heater decides how fast the water is heated. It requires the same amount of electricity to heat the water, so you simply cut the heating time in half by using a 6 kW heater rather than a 3 kW heater.

Sanitary acrylic

All of our corner spas are made of sanitary acrylic, which is easy to maintain and clean. Additionally it is very resistant to scratches and deposits.

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