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Bathtub thermostats

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Complete your bathtub with a stylish armature

Some bathtubs come with built-in fixtures, others without - but all bathtubs should be able to get filled with water.

NordKap Living™ has a wide range of armatures for bathtubs, both freestanding and built-in models.

There are as many opinions about pleasing interior as there are people on Earth. This is why we armatures for every taste.

Wall mounted armatures

The most used armatures are mounted on a wall and include a shower bar set. This gives you adjustable options, where you can have standard showers or use the hand shower while enjoying a relaxing bath.

You also have the option of installing a shower column, but we do not recommend this for bathtubs. If you want to go with this option, though, it is a good idea to install a shower shielding at the same time.

Floor mounted armatures

If you have the space and a freestanding bathtub, it is obvious to boost the entire exclusive expression of the room. You do this by choosing a fixture built in to the floor. This way, you get not only the fixture, but a unique, freestanding sculpture in the room.

A floor mounted fixture gives you a stylish solution with both a tap and a hand shower, that does not rise above the height of the tub itself. This gives you space to hang something on the wall, if you have placed the bathtub near one.

Lots of extra features

There are plenty of options when searching for the right fixture for you bathtub. Luckily, you are only limited by your imagination.

Besides the dedicated armatures for bathtubs, as you see on this page, you also get a lot of additional options. This allows you to put together your bathing area in a unique and innovative way, specially suited to your dreams.

10-year guarantee on spare parts

If you buy an armature from NordKap Living™, we guarantee you, that we wll have spare parts for your item for at least ten years.

If you love the current armature for you bathtub, you can settle for changing the worn down parts, avoiding changing the entire fixture.

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