RockSolidTM material:

Is your guarantee of the product's color authenticity

italien design:

Modern, elegant and aesthetic design

Adjustable legs:

The tubs are well supported with many adjustable legs and plenty of space for drains

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Stone bathtub in luxurious aesthetic design, made from the original color-proof RockSolid ™ material. The bathtubs are molded in one piece with a silky surface finish that is comfortable and soft for your skin. The surface with the closed pores is tough when it comes to scratches and wear, in addition to being easy to clean and easy to maintain. The manufacture of the tub makes it possible to roll out a bathtub with super-thin walls, curved shapes and tight minimalist lines. The bathtubs have adjustable legs for stability even on uneven floors. The beautifully designed tub will do well in the modern bathroom. The tub can be put together with several of our products made in the same material i.a. our stone sinks. In our product range, you will also find cleaning and maintenance products, especially suitable for stone baths and sinks.

The bottom valve in the tub

The bottom valve in a stone bath comes with chrome-plated surface. The top of the bottom valve allows you to replace it with a brushed steel top or with the white RockSolid ™ surface, which will give a nice complete overall impression.

The bottom of the tub

Under the bathtub a space has been made for mounting the drain. We do not recommend placing the drain just below the tank drain, to ensure more room for any fitting of water trap.


As the only ones we can now offer a stone bathtub in an extraordinarily nice surface treated matte black exterior. The special surface treatment avoids both scratches and stains, which will often be a challenge when choosing a black surface.