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Heated towel rails in timeless design

Stylish finish

Choose between brushed steel or chrome

For the few and the many

Whether you live by yourself or in a family of six, we have what you seek

Heat from water or electricity

Choose between a water- or electricity-heated model

Heated Towel Rails

Acapella Heated Towel Rails


Heated Towel Rails

Arie electric Towel Rail


Heated Towel Rails

Opera Electric towel rail


Heated Towel Rails

Opus Heated towel rail


Luxurius heat with a stylish expression

Is there anything better than the feeling of a completely dry and warm towel caressing the skin?

With our heated towel rails you get both that feeling and save time every day. The different designs and sizes ensure that you can find the exact model for your needs.

Heat from water or electricity

Our towel rails can be used with different power supplies. Most of our models are heated by electricity, but where some of the rails have to be connected to a socket, some of them use electric cartridges.

Finally, a number of our rails can be heated by hot water. When this is an option, everything needed for fitting is included in the package.

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