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Hot Tubs have something special about them. The special scent of the wood when it gets wet. The gentle smell of smoke from the stove that heats the water. The contrast between the warm water and the cool air. A very special experience that you quickly become addicted to.

But now you do not have to travel to get the experience – you can have it at home! We have what you seek, whether you want a small, intimate tub, or a large, spacious one where six people can easily sit.

All you need in one package

When you buy a Hot Tub from Nordkap Living, you get so much more than just the tub:

  • Made from PEFC-certified cedar.
  • Powerful stairs
  • Insulating cover
  • External wood stove with up to 30kW performance
  • 3kW heater
  • Pump and filter
  • Hygienic and bactericidal ozonator system

Only thing left to do is find the Hot Tub, you desire!


Hot tubs

Viking Icetub


Canadian cedar

All of our Hot Tubs are built of the finest Canadian cedar, which is virtually indestructible. By nature, this type of wood has developed natural fungicides. Therefore, cedar is the perfect material, as it resists rot and fungus quite naturally.

It is important that a wodden tub stands with water throughout the season. If it is emptied too often, the wood risks drying out and the tub risks leaking. Therefore, a strong and insulating cover is included, which protects the water with dirt and grime when not in use.

Even though it stands outside, a Hot Tub is incredibly hardy. In fact, it requires to be treated with oil only once or twice a year. So you are guaranteed luxurious wellness all year round with minimal maintenance.

Unique heating system

A Hot Tub is traditionally heated with a wood stove. But a Hot Tub from Nordkap Living, as the only ones on the market, also comes with an electric heater.

The heater ensures that the water is kept warm without the risk of scalding. It makes it much easier just to enjoy the warm water as you do not have to constantly adjust the temperature. In addition, it is an economic gain, as it is cheaper to keep the water warm with an electric heater than by firing in the stove.

Ozonator system for cleaner water

Ozone is a gas that kills bacteria. Our Ozonator system adds ozone to the water, making it much easier to keep the water clean and hygienic.

The Ozonator can not keep the water 100% clean on its own, but it undoubtedly makes a big difference - both in the short and long run!

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