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Boost your indoor spa

Powerful heating elements

Maintain the temperature after quickly heating up the water 

Relaxation for your neck

Comfortable non-slip head rest allowing you to really lower your shoulders

Felxible drains

Up to 98 centimeters long, with or without water trap

Bathtub Accessories

Spa protection


Indoor spa accessories

Heating unit 3 kW


Indoor spa accessories

Heating unit 6 kW

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Bathtub Accessories

Cleansing cream 500 ml


Bathtub Accessories

Neck pillow, multifunction


Bathtub Accessories

Drain kit with flexible hose


Bathtub Accessories

Kalkonal HB, 1 litre


Bathtub Accessories

Spa Cream Cleanser 100 ml.


Give your indoor spa an upgrade

Come home after a long day and let yourself sink down into the warm water of your spa - without worrying about the temperature of the water dropping or anything else.

NordKap Living™ has a wide range of luxurious indoor spas and corner spas, but you can always at a little more to make the whole experience even more relaxing.

Powerful, Swedish heating units

Contrary to our outdoor spas, we do not install a heating unit in our indoor spas by standard. We do this to give you complete freedom of choice regarding the features of your new spa.

But it can turn out to be a very good investment to have a heating unit installed!

First of all, our Swedish-made heaters can heat up the water in virtually no time at all. Secondly, after the water has the right temperature, the heater maintains the temperature. This way, you do not have to add warm water, when you are feeling chilly.

We have heaters of 3 kW and 6 kW. The main difference between them is how quickly they heat up the water. Furthermore, if your indoor spa can hold more than 200 litres of water, we recommend you purchase the strongest heater.

Let your shoulders drop by resting your head

Some of our indoor and corner spas have built-in neck supports. But if the spa of your dreams does not have a support, you do not need to worry!

Our lovely and comfortable head rest allows you to simply lean back and enjoy the other features of the spa.

And the non-slip feature of the head rest makes sure, the rest stays in place throughout your bath.

Get unlimited options with our flexible drains

You need reliable plumbing to effectively drain your spa after use.

Our durable drain kits have flexible hoses, allowing you to make the installation pretty much exactly as you want it.

The hose of our longest drain can be extended to 98 centimeters, and you can choose a drain kit with or without a water trap.

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