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Keep your bathtub shiny and clean
Win the fight against limescale deposits
With effective and specially designed cleaning agents
Keep the color of the tub intact
By fighting deposits, before they get completely stuck
Prolong the service life
Be good to your bathtub, so it can be good to you for years to come

Bathtub maintenance

Spa Cream Cleanser 100 ml.


Bathtub maintenance

Spa protection


Bathtub maintenance

Cleansing cream 500 ml


Everything to keep your bathtub nice and clean

A bathtub can give you tons of hours of relaxation and wellness. But frequent use of the tub can also lead to increased wear and tear, so it is important to treaet your bathtub well.

NordKap Living™ have what you need to get a beautiful and clean bathtub for years to come!

Professional limescale remover

Limescale deposits can be difficult to get rid of. But with ProCare Limescale Remover, you do not have to worry about the destructive effects om limescale deposits.

You can use this cleaning agent for both thorough and maintenance cleaning - you simply use it concentrated or diluted (see the packaging for further instructions).

Slightly abrasive cleaning creme

Get rid of dirt and commencing limesvale deposits both indoors and outdoors.

SpaCare Cleansing Cream has a sligthly abrasive effect, helping you beat those deposits quickly and effectively.

Especially around the water line of the tub can be a hot spot for dirt deposits. SpaCare Cleansing Creme is the perfect cleaning agent to fight this problem.

The Magical Finale

How would you like to avoid having to clean all together? We can not make that chore go away completely, but we can help you lessen the need for cleaning.

Magic Shield makes the surface of the bathtub water resistant. This way you avoid dirt and deposits getting stuck to the surface, making cleaning for easier and quicker.

You can actually reduce the combined time spent on cleaning by up to 90 percent!

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