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Technical insulation recycles the heat of the pumps. The thickest lids in the industry.

Multi-pump system

Separate circulation pump ensures optimal filtration and heat supply during massage.

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Nordkap outdoor spa

Outdoor Spa Gravity


Nordkap outdoor spa

Outdoor spa Marina


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Outdoor spa Hawaii


Nordkap outdoor spa

Outdoor spa Honolulu

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Outdoor spa Eden


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Nordkap outdoor spa

Outdoor spa Diva Black

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Nordkap outdoor spa

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Nordkap outdoor spa

Outdoor spa Lagoon


Jacuzzi and outdoor spa for both summer and winter - Danish wellness that improves quality of life

Outdoor spa and jacuzzi can be used both summer and winter - Yes, actually all year round. Bathing outdoors is a great experience. Sitting with family or friends in the hot water during a cool fall or winter day gives everyone a great bathing experience. Not many experiences in everyday life are more relaxing and stressful than sinking into the warm and massaging water after a long work day or a hard workout.

Denmark's largest distributor of outdoor spas with a large selection

For more than 20 years, you have imported and produced outdoor spa, indoor spa and swimming spa to the Nordic and European markets. We have therefore acquired expert knowledge of the products, right down to the detail and to practical use - so whatever options and solution you want, we offer you the very best advice in the field. We have the largest selection of own produced outdoor spas on the market, so we cover a wide range with the wide range and will surely be able to find the perfect solution for you. Our product range includes everything from small one person outdoor spa to large models with space for over 10 people at one time. If you do not want to use chlorine in the water, we also offer outdoor spa for salt water as well as a selection of our classic wilderness baths in certified cedar. At NordKap Living you will always find the sharpest prices for outdoor spa, spa and wellness products. You will often find great deals on the products due to our good promotions, which we run throughout the year, adapted to the different seasons. You will often be able to find a cheap outdoor spa, a cheap sauna or a cheap bath in our promotions.

Competitive prices

At NordKap Living we always have great offers and competitive prices on our entire range. We differentiate ourselves from others in the industry by having all our products in stock, and often you will be able to find the product you want in our stores. This means that you will often be very lucky to have your product delivered at the time of purchase and thus free of the wait for the receipt or delivery of your order. Advantageously buy all your products for your next project at NordKap Living and save a lot of money, which can instead be spent on an extra holiday or for example. an outdoor spa. We have offers on selected categories and products across our range - So please contact us for a complete offer.

Outdoor Spa - Think about both the environment and your wallet

At NordKap Living, we think a lot about the environment, so we are also a member of “Eco-friendly Packaging”, where we commit to using as little packaging as possible, without compromising the quality of our shipment. We are the exclusive reseller of the most popular and award winning outdoor spas in the world - These brands and models have won awards for their design, functionality and sustainability. Our own brand named NordKap in both Udespa and Swimming Spa, we have been developing and designing for over 20 years. We regularly make upgrades and improvements to the products. They are therefore among the best brands and models on the market today. We take advantage of the market's most advanced technology from the American Balboa operating system, which is your guarantee of the best performance for your money. Our NordKap brand is ranked as the best in the market when it comes to materials and insulation of outdoor spas. You will always be able to find information on the individual product regarding insulation and power consumption and easily compare our NordKap products with the other products on the market.

After buying outdoor spa - What to pay attention to?

  1. After receiving an outdoor spa, we recommend that you notify your insurance company that you have acquired an outdoor spa, swim spa or similar.The product will be insured under your existing home insurance or equivalent so you can feel safe and receive the necessary help in the event of an accident.
  2. Also pay attention to your chlorine level and the pH value in the water. The level is measured using our test strips available in a combined solution where you have both units of measurement in one and the same strips. Our test strips will tell you what the current value in the water is and whether it is too low or high according to the recommendations. Should you be unlucky that the level does not match the recommendations, then of course we have products that can also solve this problem. You are always welcome to contact us by phone or mail and we will be happy to assist you - of course with FREE advice.
  3. Finally, remember to use the extra insulating cover that is part of your outdoor spa, so you avoid spending money and extra electricity to heat your outdoor spa more than absolutely necessary. All of our NordKap outdoor spa and swim spa have a rest / sleep function that keeps the water temperature at a comfortable but slightly lower temperature than with more active use. When you have to bathe again, you can quickly get the heat up to the desired level, but not wasted money and energy during the periods when you did not use your outdoor spa.
  4. We recommend that you change the water in your outdoor spa at least a couple of times a year, but it depends a lot on need. If you are very careful and aware of the chlorine values, then the need may not appear. Conversely, if you often enjoy drinking with family and friends in the outdoor spa, you will probably need to change your water more often.
  5. We are always available before, during and after your purchase of outdoor spa, swim spa or similar. We are happy to answer all your questions - absolutely free of charge.

Do you dream of wellness in the garden / terrace - All year round?

With a NordKap outdoor spa you can enjoy the comfortable warm water, regardless of the weather and the temperature outside the spa. We can also offer our outdoor spas in a more traditional design - namely our wilderness baths, which are made of PEFC certified cedar. We also differ here in the wilderness baths market, as we build our wilderness baths in the most durable wood species on the market and everything you need is incl. in the price:
  • HotTub bath in PEFC certified cedar
  • Powerful staircase
  • Insulating cover
  • External stove of up to 30kW performance
  • 3 kW Heater
  • Pump and filter
  • Hygienic and bactericidal ozonator system

What is the difference between an outdoor spa, HotTub or a swim spa?

The outdoor spa also called the outdoor hot tub, outdoor spa or a Jacuzzi specially developed for outdoor use. An outdoor spa is heated via several heaters which are controlled with a Balboa control panel and uses ordinary electricity from the mains. Wilderness Bath also called Hot tub, is a wooden bathtub or wooden tub built in durable cedar - Wilderness baths are also available on some models with plastic or acrylic insert on the Danish market. The heating of a wilderness bath takes place with an oven or an electronic heater, which you turn on, thereby distributing the heat in the tub. Swim spa / swim spa is a large outdoor spa / pool with built-in motor for generating resistance and waves, allowing you to swim and perform the workout in the counter current. Several of our swim spas also offer the opportunity to relax in a regular hot tub at the other end of the tub. Here you will often find several seats and berths with the opportunity to enjoy a massage once after the swim. Our swim spa is suitable as both indoor and outdoor spa. When purchasing a swim spa, an insulating cover is also included as for the purchase of an outdoor spa.