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Swim spa – the best from a spa and a pool in one

Enjoy the relaxing features of a spa or have a swim in the current from the powerful current-producing nozzles. The best of two worlds in the same spa.

Swim without interruptions

The powerful current-producing nozzles allow you to swim without having to stop and turn like in a regular swimming pool. It works like a treadmill for running. 

High performance

6 kW heater as standard in the swimming section and powerful counter-current system

3 year warranty and service

Our own service experts backed by an enormous stock of spare parts. Your guarantee after purchase


Nordkap Swim spa

Swimspa River Flow 2


Nordkap Swim spa

Swimspa River Flow 1


Nordkap Swim spa

Swim Spa Mighty Nile


Nordkap Swim spa

Elegant Pool and Swimspa


Nordkap Swim spa

Swim Spa Atletion


Nordkap Swim spa

Swimspa Arena


Nordkap Swim spa

Swimspa Fraser River


We've compiled everything you need to know about swim spa, swim training, pricing and delivery in this article. If you have questions or just want to hear more, give us a call at 683 437 904 or send an email to

Swimming training with a NordKap Swim Spa

With a swim spa from NordKap Living, the active athlete and beginner can practice swimming at home or in the cottage. The unique feature of the swim spa is the possibility of swimming training with the help of several powerful countercurrent nozzles located in t These countercurrent nozzles send the countercurrent directly towards you, thus creating resistance as you swim in the water. You can adjust the resistance yourself to set the pace yourself, without approaching the leading edge or the back edge of the tub front of the swim spa. Our swimspa models typically have 2-4 jet pumps supplied to the swim trainer, each jet pump with 2-4 HP per head. PCS. In addition, our models also have massage pumps around 2-3 HP per. PCS. So this is a lot of power to generate countercurrent and create the ultimate swim training.

What is the price of a swim spa

Naturally, a swim spa from NordKap Living varies depending on your wishes for size, functionality and interior design. At NordKap Living you can get a swim spa from approx. € 17.000, -. Without compromising on quality, we are among the cheapest in the industry. This is because, as the industry's largest producer, we can produce in greater quantity than our competitors in the market as well as our ongoing adaptation to product and production optimization. All of this ultimately benefits you as a customer of NordKap Living. We use a combination of standard materials, our own development and external manufacturers such as Balboa control from the US in our production. We meet the standards of our production, so that we meet all the requirements for the type from the product and not least our own internal quality requirements. Common to all our swim spas is that there are built-in swim coaches that are suitable for both beginners and elite swimmers. In addition, the device comes to e.g. an outdoor spa or seats and sofa beds in the tub. Some of the models are equipped with both the swim coach section and a separate section for an outdoor spa and relaxation. The more expensive models are also equipped with multiple massage nozzles and several swim trainer settings as well as extra equipment. The dimensions of the smallest model start from 4.5 meters in length and our largest model is approx. 8 meters in length. You can with great advantage compare our different NordKap models with each other and see the differences on the individual models. You are also very welcome to have a non-committal talk with one of our advisers - Please call us at: 683 437 904.

The water depth in a swim spa

The depth of our models ranges from 110 cm to approx. 150 cm. The outside dimensions are, of course, higher than the depth inside the swim spa. Height of the person should not be a problem for being able to swim in our swim spa - If the person is 200 cm in height, a little less than 100 cm of water depth must be used in order to swim in a swim spa.

What are the costs associated with a swim spa every year?

There will be ongoing consumption costs of your swim spa in addition to the general purchase price of the swim spa. Your annual expenses will depend on the local electricity and water prices as well as how often your swim spa is used. However, you can rejoice that costs have been much lower in recent years due to product improvements and the market's best insulation that effectively keeps the water temperature. This also means that a heater of 3 kW is sufficient for the smaller swim spas. It is difficult to estimate the very correct costs annually when using a swim spa, as it depends on the following parameters:
  • The size of the swim spa (Equipment and water volume)
  • Weather and wind
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Water temperature
  • Number of hours of use

Connection and placement of a swim spa

The swim spa should always be placed on a firm and level surface - Remember from the outset to check that the surface is level. We also recommend that you have at least approx. 100 cm clearance around the sides where the service hatch is located, so the service itself can be easily and conveniently performed. Pay special attention to this if you immerse your swim spa in the patio or in the ground.

Delivery of Nordkap swimspa

A swim spa weighs from approx. 1000 to 1700 kg - Typically, the swim spa is shipped directly from our warehouse or one of our stores by crane truck, or first by truck, and then driven locally to the customer with a crane truck. Be aware of the conditions when approaching the area around the selected location of your swim spa.

3 years warranty, Service and 10 years spare parts warranty

NordKap Living has the industry's largest service and support team. We are the only ones offering a 3-year extended warranty on our products and even a 10-year parts warranty, which means you can always expect us to have spare parts in stock for 10 years on new products. We have Denmark's largest number of stores and stores throughout the Nordic region and Europe. This makes us the leading supplier of swim spa. We are passionate about service and the good customer experience, and therefore always offer free advice.
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