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Luxurious indoor spas for every home

Spoil yourself after a long day or surprise your true love with a soothing, hot bath.

Quiet engines

Water massage reduces the noise by 80 per cent compared to air-powered massage

Durable electronics

Pneumatic controls that keep water and electronics apart

Solid materials

Made of sanitary acrylic with a strong stand, that supports the spa in multiple spots


Indoor spa

Indoor spa Oslo


World class wellness within the four walls of your home

Hot baths have been a way to get wellness and soothing ailements for millenia. With time, the traditional bath tub has been developed in a number of ways, and now a spa is propably one of the most relaxing things you can offer yourself.

Fortunately, spas er no longer so expensive that they are for professionals and rich only.

NordKap Living™ has a large selection of various indoor spas at very affordable prices, so you can find just the spa for your needs.

Water massage

Massage in a spa is based on one of two methods: air or water.

Air-based massage works by blowing tiny air bubbles out through the nozzles, allowing the bubbles to massage the body. However, there are a number of disadvantages to this system.

The bubbles cool the water, they do not give a very thorough massage and the pipes filled with air can be difficult to clean.

Water massage does not have these disadvantages. Firstly, the water beams are far more powerful, and therefore more effective, and when bubbles of air are not added to the water, the water is not cooled by them.

Additionally, cleaning of the pipes are easier when they are filled with water. When you get out of the tub, you simply add som Spa Cleaner, let the pumps run for a short while, after the water is drained from the tub, and then the pipes are both drained and cleaned.

Safe electronics

Electronics and moisture is a bad combination. This is why indoor spas from NordKap Living™ are made with so called pneumatic controls.

This means that the controls and the pumps are never in direct contact contact with each other, avoiding any electrics getting wet.

This makes the system very secure and easy to maintain.

Durable materials

The tubs of our indoor spas are made of sanitary acrylic. It is easy to clean, it is durable and it retains its colors for a long time.

If there are built-in fixtures, it is most likely made of chrome covered brass (if it is made from something else, it will be mentioned in the product description). The massage nozzles on the other hand are made from stainless steel that can last for years and years.

The sturdy metal stand supports the spa in a number of spots, making it stable and levelled

With or without built-in faucets

You fill up your spa by using a water tab or a shower head. As not all of our indoor spas have built-in faucets, it is important that you check whether the spa of your dreams comes with or without a tap or shower head.

If it is not integrated in the spa, you can find a large selection of faucets for bath tubs and indoor spas right here.

With or without heating

Our indoor spas are produced without an integrated heater by standard - but we can easily install one for you!

A variation in the water temperature by as little as 2 ° C can be the difference between feeling, you are getting cooked our getting cold, when you are in the water.

NordKap Living™ use Swedish heaters of 3 or 6 kW. The main difference between these variants is how fast the water in the spa is heated to the desired temperature.

A corner spa might be just the thing

You can easily place a rectangular spa in a corner, but some spas are designed to be placed in a corner, utilizing the space most effectively.

If you are considering placing your spa in the corner of a room, you might want to have a look at our large selection of corner spas.

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