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Upgrade your garden og terrace with our luxurious selection of outdoor accessories and decor.

Outdoor shower

Madde out of acid-proof, stainless steel, easy to assemble and disassemble for storage during winter

Tables for the terrace

With integrated infrared heaters

Stylish benches

Made out of certified Cedar from sustainable forestry


Outdoor decor

Cedar benches


Outdoor decor

Outdoor Shower Zone 3


Outdoor decor

Outdoor Shower Zone 2


Outdoor decor

Outdoor Shower Zone 1


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Staircase for spa, Grey color


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Wifi module for Balboa control


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

MicroSilk® Hydroterapi


Everybody deserves a little extra for the garden

You do not have to settle for a standard garden. With a few changes, you can turn the everyday view into pure bliss before your eyes.

We have a range of both outdoor showers, terrace tables with built-in heaters and a stylish bench made out of the best wood imaginable.

Outdoor shower

Treat yourself with a refreshing shower after a dip in the outdoor spa or after gardening.

Our outdoor showers are a delight to the eyes and body and are easy to assemple and put away for winter.

Some of our outdoor showers even come with a water reservoir, that utilizes the heat from the Sun to warm up the water. This way, you save energy and treat the environment at the same time.

Terrace tables

Summer can be beautiful, but the temperature is not always on our side. Esepcially not during night time.

NordKap Living™ have two stylish tables with built-in infrared heaters for the terrace. So you do not have to let dropping temperatures stop the good times.

The tabletops are made out of tempered glass, and the pillar and the base are made of stainless steel. As an added safety measure, the power is shut off, if just a bit of the base is not in complete contact with the surface.


A wodden bench adds a certain something to every decor, inside and outside alike.

At NordKap Living™ we have stylish and durable benches made out of Canadian Cedar. We built the bench with looks in mind, and the amazing wood is able to withstand all types of weather.

We only use A-grade wood from PEFC certified, sustainable forestry.

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