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World class outdoor decor

Upgrade your garden or terrace with our selection of high class decor.

Small upgrades in your outdoor decor can make your home feel out of this world.

Step out of the pool and straight into a cold or hot shower. Control your spa with a Wifi module. Or make sure you can enjoy the Spanish evenings and nights without the risk of getting cold with a patio table with integrated heater

Make sure you have everything you need to make it feel like a vacation every time you step out into the garden or onto the patio. With our wide selection of decor, you can get the upgrades you desire.

Outdoor decor

Outdoor Shower Zone 1


Outdoor decor

Outdoor Shower Zone 2


Outdoor decor

Outdoor Shower Zone 3


Outdoor decor

Patio table with heat


Accessories Outdoor Spa

MicroSilk® Hydroterapi


Accessories Outdoor Spa

Wifi module for Balboa control


Accessories Swim spa

Staircase for spa, slate color


Outdoor Benches

Cedar benches