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Easy to assemble

Quick and simple mounting and disassembly when fall is coming

Built-in mixer

Easy adjustment of the temperature of the water

Natural heating

Some of the outdoor shower have a container, that heats the water using the free heat from the sun


Outdoor showers

Outdoor shower Málaga


Outdoor showers

Sun Shower Milano 20L


Outdoor decor

Outdoor Shower Zone 3


Outdoor decor

Outdoor Shower Zone 2


Outdoor decor

Outdoor Shower Zone 1


How a shower in fresh air

A cold shower after a trip to the sauna, a dip in the spa or even after gardening. An outdoor shower is pure luxury and provides a boost for the body.

Especially if you have an outdoor spa or a swimming pool, an outdoor shower could be a wise purchase. A shower before getting ind the water can drastically extend the quality of the water in the spa, as you do not bring as much bacteria into the water after having a shower. This also allows you to save on chemicals like chlorine for the water.

NordKap Living™ have a solid selection of outdoor shower with different designs and features. Have a look, and you will most certainly find an outdoor shower for you!

With or without water reservoir

The biggest difference between our models is that some come with a built-in water reservoir.

All the showers must be fittet to a garden hose, but if there is a water reservoir, the free heat from the Sun will be used to heat up the water. This gives significant savings on the water bill and is an eco friendly way of getting warm water.

Stainless steel

An outdoor shower must be able to withstand a bit of this and that. That is why all of our outdoor showers are made of acid-proof stainless steel, making sure design and function will not be affected by changing weather.

Nozzles for the whole body

Several of our models have not only a top shower head. Actually they have three different nozzles: the top shower, a hand shower and a foot shower.

This allows you to rinse the entire body and get rid of even more dirt and sweat before getting in to the spa or pool.

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