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Tables with built-in infrared heater

Tabletop made of tempered glass

Elegant and stilish tabletop in durable tempered glass

Infrared heater

The pillar of stainless steel contains a powerful and safe infrared heater

Rollover protection

Automatically turns off the power if not all of the base is in full contact with the surface


Don't let chilly nights stop the good times

Our outdoor tables are both style and function in one. Not only are the designs and looks top class, but he pillar of the table contains a powerful infrared heater. This allows you to keep your legs warm when the temperature dips.

Total safety

The lovely tabletop is made of tampered glass, reducing the risk of scratches and scuffs. The pillar is made of stainless steel, safely shielding the infrared heater.

Finally, the tables have rollover protection. This makes sure that the power turns off automatically, if just a tiny part of the base does not have full contact with the surface.

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