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Infrared saunas of every kind

The use of infrared saunas are spreading like wildifre. They are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason – they work!

Worlds best sauna wood

Cedar or Canadian Hemlock from sustainable forestry. A-grade quality.

Modular construction

Delivered as assembly set – put together in few hours

10-year warranty on electronics

High quality carbon elements with lots of power


Infrared sauna bathing in stylish design

Infrared saunas are becoming more and more popular - and with good reason.

The beneficial and relaxing effects of infrared therapy provides are both numerous and well documented. As the technological development progress, having an infrared sauna at home is no longer just a dream.

But infrared saunas er most certainly not alike. That is why NordKap Living™ only sell saunas made out of the best sauna wood in the world and use the safest and most effective eletroncal components.



Hemlock is a type of wood, which is very suitable for infrared and traditional saunas. It is strong, has a comfortable surface and can withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature, like in a sauna. Furthermore, the wood is naturally protected against rot and fungus.

The wood we use at NordKap Living™ come from sustainable forestry in Canada and is FSC-certified.


Just like Hemlock, we only use Cedar from sustainable Canadian forestry. The PEFC-certification guarantees the sustainability.

Cedar is also naturally protectet against rot and fungus and is very durable - even when used outside.

With minimal maintenance, the wood retains its beautiful, reddish color for many years.

Carbon elements for maximum power

Infrared saunas usually create the heat using built-in carbon plating. The plates emits infrared radiation, which is directed into the cabin, where it hits the user straight on.

This means that the air in the sauna does not become nearly as hot as in a traditional sauna. Typically, it won't even rise above 45 ° C, where a traditional sauna easily rise to at least 100 ° C.

But of course it has to be safe to use an infrared sauna. That is why NordKap Living™ provides a  10-year warranty on all electronic components in the sauna. This is your guarantee, that you will have a well-functionaing and secure infrared sauna for years to come.

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We regularly write articles with information, inspiration and not least guidance. And of course we cover infrared saunas as well.

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