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Everything you need for a professional spa

Effective cleaning systems

For the Lagune and Acapulco outdoor spas

Automatic filling of water

Keeps the water levels steady automatically

Chlorine dispenser keeps the water clean

Avoid having to manually keep track of the water hygiene

Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Cleaning Machinery for Acapulco


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Wastewater treatment plant for Lagoon


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Automatic water filling


Accessories for Outdoor Spas

Chlorine Machine


Professional equipment for your public spas

Wether you rent a summer house or have a campsite, your tenants will thank you for providing an outdoor spa.

But it can be quite the task to keep track of a public spa.

With our professional equipment, you can let machinery and electronics do far most of the work.

Cleaning systems for Lagune and Acapulco

The water in an outdoor spa should be nice and clean. With numerous users though, the water might turn foggy and get filled with impurities very quickly.

With our cleaning systems for the outdoor spa models Acapulco and Lagoon, you get two cleaning filters, overflow tank and automatic controls of the chemistry of the water.

This allows you to offer your tenants and guests crystal clear water for every dip!

Get a stable water level - fully automatic

There is a big difference between having one or seven users of the spa at the same time. And this difference can easily lead to uneven water levels, or even an overflow of water.

With an automatized water filling system, you are sure to always have enough water in the spa, without it flowing over.

The sensors are installed in and around the floating pipe in the spa, making sure the system always knows the current water level.

Keep the hygiene top notch without lifting a finger

Chlorine kills and fights bacteria and algea. This makes it crucial to always have enough chlorine in the water, especially when there are numeraous various users.

An automatic chlorine dispenser makes sure that large chlorine tabs are dissolved and released in to the water at a suitable pace compared to the amount of water. And with this, the amount of chlorine will always be stable, once you have adjusted the amount of chlorine released from the dispenser.

As a starting point, we only sell our chlorine dispenser with the purchase of a new outdoor spa. That being said, we are able to install the dispenser in an older spa, if desired. Contact us for an offer on the installation (which must be done by a professional).

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