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Infrared heating chair

Pampering at home with a beautiful heating chair that sooths and heat in all the right places

Outdoor showers

Have a cold shower under the blue sky after sweating in the sauna

Stylish degor

Elegant wooden benches in top quality

Related products for sauna

Niro chair with heat


Outdoor decor

Outdoor Shower Zone 1


Outdoor decor

Outdoor Shower Zone 2


Outdoor decor

Outdoor Shower Zone 3


Outdoor Benches

Cedar benches


A little extra for the sauna lover

A trip to the sauna does not have to end when you step out of the cabin. In fact, the minutes after leaving the heat can play a big part in the whole experience and feeling of wellness.

So have a look at our products related to sauna bathing and give your body what it deserves!

Infrared heating chair

You really crave relaxation after a long day.

Get comfortable in our exclusive heating chair, Niro, and enjoy a good book while the heat treats your body.

It is easy to adjust the heat using the controls in the arm rest, and the seating position is adjusted steplessly from sitting up to lying down.

A perfect choice, if you do not want an entire sauna cabin at home!

A lovely shower under the open sky

After a good sweat in the sauna, you really need something refreshing. This is where an outdoor shower comes in handy.

Walk out into the garden or the patio and enjoy a deligthful cooling-off from one of our elegant outdoor showers.

They are easy to assemble and disassemble, and you can adjust the water to the exact temperature you want quick and easy.

Amazing decor suitable for saunas

We make our saunas out of the best sauna wood in the world. The same applies to our interior in the cabins.

For example, you can get some extra seating space with our stylish bench made out of A-grade Cedar. It can på used inside the cabin (both traditional sauna and infrared) and outside on the patio or in the garden.

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