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Protective wood wax

Prolongs the durability of the wood and gives it a beautiful, dark color

Desinfection and cleaning in one

Clean the interior of sweat and kill bacteria at the same time

For both indoor and outdoor saunas

The products are developed for cabins with high temperatures and humidity, making them perfect for traditional saunas

Sauna maintenance

Supi sauna Wax


Sauna maintenance

Supi clean 1 liter


Make the lifetime of your sauna even longer

Saunas from NordKap Living™ are mad of world class tree. But that does not mean it is not a good idea to treat the wood well and protect it. This can add years to the lifetime of your sauna.

Luckily you do not have to do much to do something nice for your sauna. You simply have to make sure, you use the best products available - and you will find them here!

Sauna Clean

Specially developed cleaning agent for sauna cabins. You both clean and desinfect the wood at the same time, giving it a nice and clean look all the time.

It is important to clean the interior of a sauna. Sweat and oils from the body can cause deposits in the wood and, in worst case, lead to growth of bacteria.

Sauna Wax

An outdoor sauna must endure a bit of this and that, both inside the cabin and on the outside.

Sauna Wax from Supi gives your sauna a dirt- and grime-repellent surface, making cleaning both easy and less time consuming.

Additionally you give the wood a beautiful dark color throughout, making your sauna shine in style.

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