RockSolidTM material:

Is your guarantee of the product's color authenticity

italien design:

Modern, elegant and aesthetic design

Adjustable legs:

The tubs are well supported with many adjustable legs and plenty of space for drains

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Get more freedom with a freestanding bathtub made out of RockSolid™

A freestanding bathtub from NordKap Living™ is something very special.

The freedom of being able to place the tub exacly where you want gives you unlimited options regarding interior design.

Furthermore, you get a beautiful and unique look no matter the final position of the bathtub thanks to our exclusive RockSolid™ composite.

But a freestanding bathtub is not just a bathtub. That is why we have made our own line of freestanding bathtubs made of RockSolid™ to make sure, we only sell items that live up to our own sky high demands!

What is RockSolid™?

Stone bathtubs from NordKap Living™ are made out of RockSolid™ composite. It is a mix of powdered natural stone, like marble or bauxite, mixed with heat cured resin.

RockSolid™ is a so called "solid surface" composite. This means that the material is extremely resistant to scratches and scuffs.

But RockSolid™ offers a little more than other materials of its kind. The matte finish gives the final product a silky smooth look, and the composite retains its color for an incredible amount of time.

Additionally, the surface is without pores. This prevents dirt and grime from "grapping on" to the composite, making it very easy to clean.

Finally, all types of stone are far heavier than e.g. acrylic. This means that our freestanding bathtubs have a stable and secure stand on the floor, even when the tub is not being used.

Italian design

Our freestanding RockSolid™ bathtubs have Italian-inspired designs with elegant small details.

For example, many of our tubs have a thin overflow carved into the side of the bathtub. But the carving is so descreet, you barely notice it.

Furthermore, the slim sides of the tubs provide a modern and luxurious expression.

All the practicalities of a bathtub

The materials of the bathtub is one thing, but it is not enough for a bathtub to be beautiful and hardy. All the details have to both look good and, most of all, work.

At NordKap Living™, we care for each and every bathtub, RockSolid™ or not. We simply cannot get ourselves to sell an item, that does not live up to our own quality demands.

Below you can read about what characterize a freestanding bathtub from NordKap Living™.

Bottom valve

The bottom valves of our bathtubs are interchangeable. This allow you to choose the design you desire for your bottom valve.

The plugs of the valves are available in chrome, brushed steel and matte white RockSolid™, that matches the design.

Sturdy construction

We provide all of our RockSolid™ bathtubs with numerous adjustable support legs. With this, you can adjust the tub to fit the slope of the floor, securing a level bathtub.

Plenty of space for the drain

The bathtub has enough space for fitting a drain under the bottom of the tub. To get enough space for a possible water trap, we recommend you do not place the drain in the floor directly under the drain of the bathtub.

Plenty of faucets to choose from

Som bathtubs have built-in armatures with a surface covered in chrome. Others do not have a built-in armature, and if this is the case with the bathtub of you dreams, we have a wide range of water taps and showers specifically for bathtubs. You can find them right here.

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