Delivery of products

Usually, the delivery time is 3 – 5 working days after you receive the delivery confirmation from us. *

The delivery confirmation will be sent as soon as we have processed your order. This can take up to 2 business days.

We ship your goods immediately after we have sent your order confirmation. This usually happens the same day or the next business day.
Items requiring assembly or testing will be shipped 4 days after an order confirmation has been made.

If all ordered products are not in stock, we have the right to deliver part of the delivery as long as the customer wishes.


Shipping costs apply to goods to be shipped. Price is shown on the product card and according to the table in the shopping cart.
If you wish to be called by the shipping company before delivery, there is an extra charge of €15. In case of any waiting time at delivery, you are invoiced according to the shipping company’s price list.


To the extent that the goods can be packed together, you only pay delivery of whole pallets. Whether this is possible depends on the characteristics of the goods. Any surplus payment for shipping is deducted from the reserved amount on the card. If too low shipping is reserved at the time of order, the remaining shipping cost is required before the goods are shipped.


All goods are shipped by shipping company, not ordinary mail. Enter the desired delivery day in the shopping cart – we strive to deliver your goods on the desired date.

Delivery with freight company takes place at site limit on weekdays during normal working hours. Nordkap Living has no influence on the time of delivery, this is determined by the shipping company. Please note that upon delivery with a shipping company, it is a condition that there is good accessibility for a truck.


For goods that require special conditions during transport, a special price is agreed. The price depends on special circumstances at delivery (crane need, placement etc.).


When goods are shipped with a shipping company, it is a condition that there is someone at home to receive the goods. Note! In case of any waiting time, due to. If you are not home at delivery, you will be billed for the waiting time according to the shipping company’s own hourly rate.
If you have confirmed in writing that the freight company may leave the goods without you personally receiving it, the freight company can leave the goods in a predetermined place. Under these circumstances, you as a customer have full responsibility for the goods. The consignee must ensure that the package and the products are not damaged and that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what the package slip / consignment note says.
If you discover a damage or error in the delivery (eg “Missing package”, “Damage in the bottom left corner” or “Broken glass”) this must be stated on the delivery note for receipt of the receipt. We also recommend that you document the damage with one or more photos. If you sign without reservation for the damages, you are responsible for any visible transport damage that is discovered later, but not for hidden damage.


If you discover a damage to the packaging or product upon receipt of the delivery, you should immediately photograph the damage, attach a description of this in the shipping letter and contact Nordkap Living as soon as possible. Please attach a copy of the invoice and the consignment note as well as pictures that clearly show the extent of the damage. Nordkap Living will then hold the carrier liable for damage caused during transport.