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Swim Spa or Zwemspa Auction

Current Bid – 24.300,00




Swim Spa or Zwemspa

Save oceans of money on a Swim Spa when we hold a Dutch Auction at Nordkap Living Spa y Baños!

How long do you dare to wait?

A Dutch auction is an auction where the item is offered at a starting price that is gradually lowered until someone places a bid and wins the auction. This is in contrast to a regular auction, where interested buyers start the bidding as low as possible and then proceed to try to outbid each other.

In addition to the fact that the auction is fun and exciting, it gives our customers a fantastic opportunity to secure the very best holiday in the garden, at an unprecedented low price.

Our Dutch auction:

  • The price on this particular Swim Spa is reduced by 200 EUR per day.
  • The price is regulated at 12.00 PM every day.
  • If you find the price attractive at a given time, you make a purchase immediately via the link.
  • We have no auction fees – what you bid is what you pay


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