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Bottom valves with pop-up

Regular and extra long with stylish tops

Fitting and sealing materials

Sealing rubber and pack ointment from Unipak

Spare parts and extra elements

Flexible water trap and chromatic drains, just to name a few

Washbasins accessories

Drainpump for shower cabin


Washbasins accessories

Pop-up bottom brushed steel valve


Washbasins accessories

Square Pop-up bottom valve


Washbasins accessories

Chromed metal water trap


Shower cabins accesories

Pipe drain to floor


Washbasins accessories

Pop-up bottom valve for washes


Accessories for Taps and Showers

Unigum sanitary putty


Accessories for bathroom furnitures

Gasket paste and gasket yarn


Shower cabins accesories

Ball valve with handle


Plenty of accessories for wash basins

A wash basin is an integral part of the overall look of the bathroom. This makes it even more important not to compromise when choosing the right decor and accessories for the wash basin.

So have a look at our bottom valves and fitting products amongst much else and give the look of your sink the final boost.

Elegant bottom valves

Our wash basins do not always have a bottom valve included. We have made this choice in order to give you as much freedom of action as possible when designing your home

Naturally NordKap Living™ has a wide range of bottom valves for your new sink.

All of the bottom valves have pop-up function included.

Valves with tops made out of RockSolid™

Our bottom valves made out of RockSolid™ give you the opportunity to change the expression of your wash basin completely.

The stylish tops match our sinks and bathtubs, as they are made of the exact same material.

And even though some of the built-in wash basins in our bathroom furniture is made out of porcelain, a top made of RockSolid™ can easily boost the entire interior!

Safe and secure fitting

When installing a new sink or armature, it is important to do a throrough job, making sure the final result can last for a long time.

NordKap Living™ have both sanitary putty and gasket paste from Unipak, allowing you to fit the armature or sink as well as taking good care of it.


We also have a selection of miscellaneous.

Why not get a beautiful floor drain in chrome or a flexible water trap?

So the only thing left to say is: Happy shopping!

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