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Stylish mirrors with built-in LED lights

Thinnest on the market

With af depth of just 23 mm, our Slimline-mirrors are only half as deep as the market standard

Soft Touch-controls

Elegant touch-button turns the powerful LED-lights on and off

Advanced anti-steam technology

Avoid having steam on the mirror stop you – add anti-steam technology for your mirror


Mirrors with perfect lighting for make up and shaving

Thanks to advanced LED-technology, you are now able to enjoy natural light in front of the mirror and even cut down spending on electricity. The LED-lights shine with 5500 kelvin, which give you the perfect lights for daily grooming, shaving and putting on make up.

The slimmest on the market

The standard depth on the market is 50 millimeters for LED-mirrors, meaning 5 centimeters. With our slimline mirrors, NordKap Living™ puts that standard to rest.

Our LED-mirrors are just 23 millimeters deep, even though the built-in light is both powerful and clear.

So you get a high quality mirror with less than half the depth compared to the standard of the market.

Anti-steam technology

We offer to equip all of our LED-mirrors with anti-steam technology as an add-on.

With the built-in heating elements, you get rid of stripes on the mirror after you wipe it clean. And the mirror gets crystal clear and free of steam in just 30 seconds.

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