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En søjlevask kan være lige netop det, der giver dit badeværelse nyt liv. Det er ligegyldigt, om du er ved at bygge nyt eller renovere. Søjlevaske vil uden tvivl give ethvert badeværelse et helt nyt udtryk.


Durable composite material without pores, making it easy to clean

Unique expression

Gives the entire bathroom a boost in interior and overall design

Connection to wall not needed

Place the pedestal basin whereever you like and create your very own, personalized bathroom

Bathroom sinks

Pedestal sink Lugano


Bathroom sinks

Pedestal wash Drejø


Bathroom sinks

Pedestal wash Fanø


Give the design of your bathroom a boost

Decorate your bathroom as you wish with these beautiful and elegant pedestal basins. Our selection provides you with plenty of options to find the design of your dreams.

On top of that, we make almost all of our pedestal basins from the same composite material as a lot of our other products for the bathroom. This allows you to easily match the different parts of the bathroom interior.

RockSolid™ - unique and brilliant composite material

By far, the most of our pedestal basins er made of RockSolid™. This is a composite material, that is both durable and incredibaly easy to clean.

RockSolid™ is made from stone and synthetic resin. The combination of these materials results in an unbelievably durable mass, that can withstand scratches and dents. Additionally, the hardened composite has a soft finish with no pores, making it easy to clean, as dirt can not hang on to the surface.

Last, but not least, RockSolid™ has a very long color fastness, so you can enjoy your pedestal basins for years and years without it losing its looks.

No wall connection? No problem

Pedestal basins are closed off and do no require any conection near a wall. This gives you complete freedom of choice regarding the placing of the basin.

Perfect with a bath tub made of stone

Like most of our pedestal basins, we make our stone bath tubs of RockSolid™. This means, you will get a perfect match in design, if you combine the basin and the bath tub.

Fixtures and bottom plugs

NordKap Living™ sells pedestal basins without fixtures, and mostly without bottom plugs as well. This allows you to complete your new pedestal basin with unique and personalized compositions.

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