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Way back in time, opportunities have been sought for the water's soothing and healing properties. Spas have emerged where you have been able to relieve pain from various ailments with both mineral water, spring water and sea water.

Wellness stays are still popular, offering spa stays in cozy surroundings where you can treat yourself to luxurious spas and saunas and take a break from everyday life.

For an affordable price, you can give yourself hours of bathing pleasure and pampering, without ever leaving - so why not turn your bathroom into a delicious oasis - with a spa from NordKap Living. It's okay to pamper yourself and your family with hot massages of spas - even on a regular day.

Spas at affordable prices

The spa is developed from materials that have come to us in relation to the development, especially the materials such as fiberglass as well as acrylic, which contain of indoor spa, outdoor spa and swim spa. Our NordKap indoor spa consists of Sanitary Acrylic which is easy to maintain.

NordKap Living spa is a quality spa with Swedish designed thermostatically controlled heaters with powerful pumps, which ensures a good and powerful massage. Choosing the size of the heater depends on how much water you can fill in the tub.

By purchasing the NordKap spa you will get:

Safe control management:

You get Pneumatic control in the tub without direct electrical contact between the control buttons and pumps, this control replaces the fragile low-voltage "Easy Touch" panels and is more operation safe and easier to maintain.

Standard electrical box:

The electric box in the hot tubs is built with standard parts without specially made low-voltage electronics, this will secure your spa, as parts for the electric box can also be purchased in ten or twenty years.

Reliable heaters:

The robust and reliable heaters ensure that your hot tub works well into the future.
The size of the heater determines how quickly the water is heated. It requires the same amount of power to heat the water, but the heating time of the water can be shortened by choosing a heater with a 6 kW solution rather than a 3 kW solution.

Comfortable water massage:

We use water massage in our indoor spa. Water, as you know, weighs more than air, so water is better suited to go deeper with the massage given than if it was air, which is standard in many other spas. Air also has the dull effect of cooling the water. The water in our indoor spa is pumped round the system and heated before being returned out through the nozzles.

Less noise while bathing

A water pump runs at far fewer revolutions than if it were an air pump. Therefore, the spa also makes noise up to 80% less than the air pump. So you will experience a quiet and comfortable bath in our indoor spa.

Better hygiene

The water massage makes it possible to clean the pipe system more efficiently. Just add a little bit of spa cleansing to the water after the bath. All pipes are flushed and will be cleaned. Let the pump run a little after the water has run out, so that the pipes are also completely drained of water.

Good support for the tub

The hot tubs are supported on a point by a sturdy stand, which ensures the stability of the bath and a stable mounting of the front panel.

At the webshop and in the shops, we also offer products for cleaning and maintaining your spa.

If you are renovating the bathroom, we also offer a large range of bathroom furniture, shower screens, fixtures and more.

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