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Easy adjustment of the temperature

Built-in protection against scolding and ECO Stop

Solid materials

Brass coveret in chrome or brushed steel

10-year warranty

Applies to all spare parts


Thermostats / mixers for exactly your needs

The objective of a thermostat is to mix cold and hot water in wonderful union.

The first mixers had two taps, one for the cold water and one for the hot water. During the years, mixers have evolved, meaning it is now possible to get a number of features and more appropiately call them thermostats instead of mixers.

ECO Stop

Water is not free, and the less water we use, the better it is for the environment.

That is why most of the thermostats from NordKap Living™ have a built-in ECO Stop-function, which limits the amount of water from the nozzles. You still get plenty of flow for your shower, but you avoid the water bill running amok.

It is possible to bypass the ECO Stop-function, if you want a more powerful flow.

Protection against scolding

People desire various temperatures when it comes to water. However, common to all is that want to make sure not to get harmed while showering.

For this reason, most of our thermostats are equipped with protection against scolding, allowing the water to reach a maximum of 38 ° C.

Of course, if you want even hotter water, it is possible to bypass the protection. The system is meant as an "alarm", notifying you when the temperature of the water starts to reach the higher end of the scale for showering.

Solid materials, wonderful surfaces

Thermostats from NordKap Living™ are made of solid brass with beautiful finishes. Whether you want chrome, brushed steel or something else, there is a good chance, you will find it here.

10-year no-drip guarantee

A part of our thermostats include a whopping 10-year guarantee against dripping. On top of that, you get our usual 3-year warranty of course.

And last, but not least, you get a 10-year guarantee on spare parts as well, meaning we will have spare parts in stock for your product for at least ten years - even if we stop selling the item.

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