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Huge effect

Infrared heat provides a deeper feeling of heat for muscles and joints

Certified top quality tree

We only use Class A Cedar og Hemlock fra FC og PEFC certified forestries in Canada

10 year warranty on electronics

You get 10 years of warranty on the carbon plates that creates the infrared radiation


Infrared heating - a new generation of saunas

No preheating needed

A traditional sauna requires time to heat up before use. With an infrared sauna, you can use it right away. The infrared radiation begins immediatly the moment you turn on the sauna, in contrast to a traditional sauna that has to get both the sauna heater and the sauna stones up and running before use.

Carbon elements for maximum effect

Our infrared saunas use electronic carbon elements. The radiation is then emmitted directly into the cabin, evenly distributing the heat. As the elements emmits the infrared radiation from the entire surface of the elements, this technology also makes the sauna very energy efficient.

Canadian Hemlock and Cedar

We build our infrared saunas of Canadian Hemlock (indoor cabins) and Cedar (outdoor cabins, Seattle). Both types of tree have a beautiful, homogeneous color and a fine structur, giving the cabin a stunning and elegant look. Additionally, both types of tree have a natural resistance to fungus and rot, making them very suitable for the extreme variations in temperature in a sauna.

We use FSC-certified Hemlock and Cedar. This is your guarantee that the wood come frome sustainable forestry. You can read more about the FSC on their website right here.

Easily assembled

Our saunas are delivered as assembly sets, that are easily put together. Two people and a couple of hours of work and you have a fully functional infrared sauna. After that, it is simply a matter of starting to use your new sauna, so you can reap the numerous benefits of sauna bathing.

Science hafe proved that a number of the claimed benefits of suna bathing are actually true! You can read more aout this in our article "What does a sauna do?".

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