Adjustable legs

The bathtubs are well supported with many adjustable legs and plenty of space for drains.

Italian and Scandinavian design

Original and elegant design.

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Freestanding bathtubs

At NordKap Living we carry a wide range of different bathtub models and bathtub types. We have listed our different types below:

  • Ordinary baths
  • Freestanding bathtubs
  • Stone bathtubs in RockSolid™

Sanitary acrylic bathtub

The most popular tubs at the moment are the freestanding tubs and the stone tubs. The freestanding bathtubs have become very popular in recent years and clearly the best-selling types of bathtub products.
The freestanding bathtubs are often chosen for newly built houses or houses with large bathrooms, as they usually require little extra space than a traditional ordinary bathtub. The popularity of the bathtubs is due to the beautiful aesthetic forms available on the market today, which both adorn and highlight the overall impression and design of the room.

If you can find the space for the freestanding tub in the bathroom, you get a wide variety of options available in designs and sizes that can fit both the style and colors of your bathroom.
We are constantly developing our product range in bathtubs and can now offer, as the only ones on the market, an extremely elegant bathtub in math white sanitary acrylic, by using a brand new revolutionary technique. The matte surface gives the bathtub at the same time a clean and silky look and then it weighs significantly less than a stone bath, where you also get the silky matte surface. Get inspired by our environmental images and see what products speak to your style.

Freestanding stone bath - in elegant Italian design

Are you looking for a stone bath that focuses on quality, design and overall impression? Then our own brand Nordkap ™ stone bathtub is an obvious choice, without hurting the purse, the tub is produced and cast in the RockSolid ™ material. RockSolid ™ is made of powdered natural stone, marble or bauxite, which is mixed with heat-cured resin.
RockSolid ™ offers a little more than the well-known "solid surface" qualities: It is resistant to scratches and scratches and has a long-lasting color fastness and a soft finish.
Our perpetual development of the products has enabled us to now also supply the RockSolid ™ stone bathtub with a silk matte black surface as the only ones on the market. Do you want to give your bathroom a unique and very special look with a bathtub in matte black finish, we have a few great examples to choose from.

Tip: Choose one of our stylish and fashionable fixtures, along with the black stone bathtub. A shower column in the Symphony or Silent Rain series, you will find just a black matte finish, it will stand well with the black bathtub.
If you choose the black mixer battery from the Nostalgia range, you get an all-round expression of elegance for your bathroom, which provides a nice contrast. In the Symphony as well as the Nostalgia series, you will also find a selection of Gold, Brushed Gold and Rose Gold surface colors that will dress any bathroom and radiate luxury done.