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It doesn’t matter if you prefer a complete solution for you shower or want to mix and match the perfect shower set yourself. NordKap Living™ have what you need.

Anti-limescale nozzles

Fights limescale depositions and other deposits

Multi functional hand showers

5 different settings for the water stream

10 year warranty on all spare parts

You guarantee for a long lasting purchase


Lots of possibilities for your shower cubicle

No matter what kind of fixture you dream of, NordKap Living™ have what you desire.

From complete sets with both top and hand showers and mixers to mixing and matching all the individual parts.

Have a look at our large selection. Our professional and experienced staff is ready to help you in our showroom or on the phone, if you require some assistance or have any questions (+34 683 427 904).

Shower columns

A shower column is a complete solution with mixer, hand shower and top shower.

The mixer allows you to easily adjust the temperature of the water. The holder is usually attached to the column itself, so you can choose the height you desire.

Last, but not least, you get a top shower, that pours down water right above your head. This gives an amazing feeling of "tropical rain", that sends your dreams and thoughts to the jungle of Amazonas, while you are having your daily shower.

Shower bars

Contrary to a shower column, a shower bar does not have a top shower. This is a classic choice used in numerous Danish bathrooms. The hand shower is adjustet in height with the holder on the shower bar itself. This way you get the perfect angle of the water.

The hand shower is detachable, of course, so you can use it to thoroughly rinse the heair or body and get rid of dirt and soap residue on the floor.

Please note whether the shower bar has a mixer included. If not, you can find a large selection of mixers and thermostats right here.

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