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Step out of your sauna and let the cool evening air caress your skin. Or how about dip in a Hot Tub with cold water?

Whatever you prefer, our outdoor saunas are world class wellness!

The sauna cabins are made of long-lasting cedar, which has a beautiful, reddish color and pleasant scent.

The strong wood combined with the professional craftsmanship is your guarantee that your sauna will work perfectly for many years.

So treat your body and eyes with an elegant and stylish sauna, so you can reap the many health benefits of sauna bathing!

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The world's best sauna wood

We build our outdoor saunas of Canadian cedar from sustainable forestry. This type of wood is particularly suitable for saunas thanks to the dense veins in the wood and its natural resistance to e.g. rot and mold. At the same time, cedar wood has a beautiful reddish color and a lovely scent of wood.

Outstanding design with minimal maintenance

The world class wood and solid craftsmanship make our outdoor saunas a delight to the eye. So even if you do not sweat inside the cabin itself, you can still enjoy the Nordic and elegant look.

Because the wood is so hardy, it requires only a minimum of maintenance. So if you give your sauna a treatment with wax oil once or twice a year, it can last for many years.

The size of your garden is no problem

You do not have to worry about the space available. With models of just over 3 m2 (Calgary), everyone have space for an outdoor sauna in the garden or on the terrace. If you want to make an entire oasis of wellness at home, we also have models that can be put together in a number of ​​ways (Natura).

We supply the cabin as an assembly set, and it does not require any craftsmanship to assemble it. With just two people and a few hours of work, you have a fully functional sauna.

Give yourself and your garden what you deserve. An outdoor sauna is wellness both on the inside and outside!

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