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Accessories for sauna – next level wellness

Boost the design of the interior, make the sauna close to fully automatic or have a rest with a stylish backrest. No matter your desire, we have the accessories for your sauna.

Upgrades for your sauna

Top-quality materials and elegant designs

Neverending luxury

Spoil yourself with a stone fountain, delicious aromas or with cosy and relaxing lights

Gifts for the person, who has everything

Ingenious and useful products that are guaranteed to bring out the smile of the recipient

Sauna accessories

100 ml spoon in pine


Sauna accessories

Luxury sauna set cedar


Sauna accessories

Pro C3 control panel


Sauna accessories

Sand timer in cedar


Accessories for Steam

Sauna herbs


Accessories for Steam

Steam generator model Helix


Sauna accessories

Wall mount for Harvia Globe


Accessories for Steam

5 x 2,5 silicon cable


Sauna accessories

Sauna fountain Sisukas


Sauna accessories

Sauna fountain Maestro


Accessories for IR Sauna

Ergonomic backrest for sauna


Sauna accessories

Complete sauna set


Sauna accessories

Headrest from NordKap


Sauna accessories

Sauna stone 23 kg


Upgrade your sauna experience

Sauna bathing is one of the most relaxing experiences, you can imagine. With our selection of accessories for the sauna, you can give the whole experience a boost, making it not only great but absolutely dreamy!

Touch panels for complete controls

Precise temperature measurements, adjusting of humidity, timed preheating. Get total control of your sauna with our stylish touch panels from Harvia.

The display is easily installed either inside or outside the cabin. We have two models: Xafir for heaters up to 11 kW and Xenio for the big heaters of up to 30 kW.

The perfect accessory for the person, who wants to control even the tiniest details.

Water fountains for better air

The air in a sauna can be very dry. This is way many sauna users tend to pour a bit of water on the heated stones, allowing the resulting steam to make the air more comfortable to breath. Let our water fountains do it for you.

The little fountains are made of Finnish soapstone, which has no issues handling the extreme heat from the sauna stones. You place the fountain between the stones, and then the heat makes sure that the thin water stream will evaporate at an even pace. An elegant and discreet piece of accessory with a huge effect for your sauna.

Choose between Sisukas with a single water jet or Maestro with three jets.

Spoil your sense of smell

Your body relaxes thanks to the heat. Your eyes get a rest due to the comfortable lighting. Now, we only need one thing to make the whole experience complete: The smell.

Add a single milliliter of one of our amazing fragrances to the water in the bucket, pour a spoonful onto the hot stones and let the scent caress your nostrils. You can also add the fragrances to your stone fountain, so the scent will be distributed around the cabin at an even pace over time.

By also spoilen your sense of smell, you give your entire sauna bathing an extra boost. The perfect accessory for the sauna, if you crave the ultimate wellness experience.

We have four different fragrances, all included in our gift box: Apple, Honey and Mint, Wild Rose and Rosemary.

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