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When we talk about classic saunas, we usually think of the Finnish tradition. The one where you heat up a wooden hut with the help of special stones.

Lots of health benefits

People all over the world have used saunas for over a thousand years – and with good reason. You can get a wide range of health benefits with regular sauna bathing. read more about the benefits in our article “What does a sauna do?” .

Give your body and your mind what they need. We have a classic sauna for you!

Classic saunas

Trondheim sauna


Classic saunas

Sauna Stavanger


Canadian Hemlock

We build our indoor saunas of Canadian Hemlock wood, which is particularly suitable as a sauna wood. The uniform color and fine structure give the sauna an elegant and comfortable look. In addition, the wood is built by nature to effectively withstand rot and fungus.

No space? No problem

Many people consider whether they have room for a classic sauna in their home. Therefore, we have classic saunas of less than 2 m2 (Stavanger), so lack of space should never again stand in the way of the dream of having a sauna. The smaller saunas do not have room for more than two or three people though, so of course we also have larger models with room for six people (Zurich).

Heaters and stones

You heat a classic sauna with a sauna heater and sauna stones. The size of the heater depends on the size of the cabin in your sauna. You can read more about this in our guide right here.

You get both a sauna heater and the appropriate amount of stone when you buy a sauna from Nordkap Living.

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