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A sauna heater is one of the most important things in a sauna. Therefore, you should never compromise on the quality of it.

We have a large selection of sauna heaters from our own brand and the world’s leading manufacturer, Finnish Harvia. All our heaters live up to our own towering quality requirements, so you are guaranteed a long-lasting purchase.

We have made a guide for you, so you can find exactly the sauna heater you need. You find it at the bottom of the site.

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What size heater should I get?

The size of the sauna heater depends on the size of the sauna itself. The larger the sauna, the more powerful the heater. You can see how the relationship is between the two factors in the table below.

Sauna size in m3Sauna height in mmRecommended heater in kW

There is overlap between the categories. This is because a smaller oven will be able to heat a given room, it will just take longer. So if, for example, you have a sauna of 9 m3, we would recommend a sauna heater of 8 kW, as it will heat the sauna faster than one of 6 kW.

How many sauna stones do I need?

Sauna stones are made of lava stone. This enables them to be heated to very high temperatures. In addition, the stones retain heat well, so they help to warm up the cabin. This also keeps the electricity consumption down, because the heater does not have to do all the work.

The amount of sauna stone depends on the size of the sauna stove, and we recommend:

  • 15 kg sauna stone for a 4.5 kW heater
  • 23 kg sauna stone for a heater of 6 or 8 kW

To get the most out of the stones' capabilities, they must be placed between the heating elements in the sauna heater. The largest stones should be at the bottom, the smaller ones at the top, and they should cover up above the heating elements. At the same time, you must avoid the stones being too close together, as smaller spaces between the stones impair the heating.

Even though sauna stones are made for very high temperatures, they can still split after some time. You should therefore change the stones in your sauna at least once a year. Buy new sauna stones here.

May I pour water on the sauna stones even though the heater is electric?

The short answer is, yes, but you have to be careful!

The combination of water and electronics places great demands on quality. We only sell sauna heaters from the world's leading manufacturer, Finnish Harvia, as well as our own brand, so quality and safety are top notch. This means you can easily pour a little water on the hot stones, without overdoing it.

When you buy a sauna from us, a complete sauna set is included with a wooden bucket and a ladle. Use the ladle to pour water on the stones to avoid using too much.

A good rule of thumb is that the stones should not be damp after you have poured water on them. If they are, you are using too much water relative to the temperature of the stones.

Where should I put the sauna heater?

To get the best heat distribution, place the heater near the air intake. A sauna heater is usually placed either below or close to the intake.

Conversely, place the oven as far away from the air outlet as possible. If it is too close to the outlet, the heat will disappear quickly out of the room. The outlet should also not be placed too high, as it will also cause the heat to leak out quickly as well.

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