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Strong mirrors of high quality

Can be used as a central part of the bathroom or as an addition to other rooms

Polished edges

2 mm polished facet grinding of the edges

Easy fitting

Mounted with hidden fittings or acid free glue

Bathroom classic mirrors

Hidden mirror fittings


Bathroom classic mirrors

Classic Crystal mirror 200 x 90 cm


Bathroom classic mirrors

Classic Crystal mirror 150 x 90 cm


Bathroom classic mirrors

Classic Crystal mirror 120 x 90 cm


Bathroom classic mirrors

Classic crystal mirror 80 x 60 cm


Bathroom classic mirrors

Classic crystal mirrors


Extra strong mirrors with crystal glass

Crystal mirrors from NordKap Living™ is made of 6 millimeter glass. The standard of the market is 4 mm glass, and the extra millimeters makes the glass both stylish and durable without looking clumsy.

Polished edges

A 2 millimeter polished facet grinding on the edge of the glass enhances the mirrors solid and exclusive look.

Looking for even more?

Our crystal mirrors are classic mirrors without any frills. On the other hand, if you are looking for something extraordinary, we also have mirrors with built-in LED lights and anti dew-technology.

Order online and get delivery straight to the door

If you order the mirror online, you can choose to have it shipped straight to your front door or pick it up yourself. We wrap the mirror safely so it won't get harmed during transport.

NordKap Living™ have all of our products in stock at our showroom in Mijas in Malaga.

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